Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Dr Felecia Sumner is a frequently requested and nationally-recognized dynamic speaker on subjects related to wellness and better understanding your health status.

Some of her most popular topics include:
Relaxation for Stress Reduction

In this engaging and dynamic talk, Dr Sumner discusses different types of stress, ways to prevent stress and manage stress. She also demonstrates relaxation techniques for home and for in the work setting.

Know Your Numbers

In this talk, Dr Sumner reviews the most basic yet most valuable numbers associated with your heart health – the good, the bad, and what this means for your future. Knowledge is power.

Living with Cancer – A Guide to Wellness

In this worthwhile presentation, Dr Sumner reviews tips for those currently enduring cancer treatment. She addresses the most typical symptoms during chemo/radiation, and how to prepare for them. She also discusses methods to keep yourself balanced while going through treatment.

Keeping you and your spouse WELL

In this “tag team” talk, Dr Felecia Sumner and her husband, Doyne Sumner (certified health consultant), review motivating tips to keep you and your spouse healthy. Preventative tips are addressed and things to look out for in order to keep your spouse WELL (Whole, Energized, and Loving Life).

My Doctor, My Partner Workshop Series

In this 2-part workshop series, Dr Sumner simplifies medical terminology and goes over pointers to get the most out of your medical appointment.

The Importance of Primary Care

A motivating presentation about the reasons it’s important to have a PCP (Primary Care Provider) and how to find a good one.

Being Beautiful…From the Inside Out

A captivating and encouraging presentation geared towards women and how to seek and gain overall wellness.

Smoking Cessation for the PCP

In this discussion geared towards healthcare providers, Dr Sumner reviews the best methods for getting patients to quit smoking, including the motivational interviewing technique as well as pharmaceuticals.

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